Using SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Insights


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Visualize data using Smart Insight

Smart Insights

Get instant contextual insights into your data with just a click.

Using proprietary rules and algorithms, Smart Insights examines each dimension in your data and detects members that have a significant influence on the data point you are interested in. You can quickly understand the reasons behind an interesting data point or variance and see which factors contribute to the value.

Smart Insights automatically examines variables in your data to determine what contributes to a value and provides a deep level of analysis by drilling down on the contributors. You can add context to visualizations by embedding Smart Insights into your stories.

A story is on screen with a chart selected. The Smart Insights pane is open on the right of the screen showing a series of insights for the data.

Immediate Insights, in Context

Smart Insights offers you various features that increase the efficiency of your business. Simply click on a data point or on a variance point to get smart textual and visual insights. Use the Smart Insights panel for continuous data exploration, giving you an explanation that you can add to your story.

A series of insights showing how you can delve deeper into the data by drilling down in the insights provided.

Smart Insights support the following:

  • Large dimensions
  • Unassigned values
  • More insights for average calculations and account hierarchies

Use Smart Insights to Analyze Data

Business Scenario

You have created four charts in your story. You want to know if there are any interesting insights in the charts that you have created, without having to analyze it yourself.

In this practice exercise, you will:

  1. Access Smart Insights from a chart in a story.
  2. Drill down into the chart data and view more insights.
  3. Add new charts to your story by using Smart Insights.

Use Smart Insights to Create a Variance Analysis

Business Scenario

You have created four charts in your story. You want to compare the data from one quarter of the year to the previous quarter and see if insights are created when you use Smart Insights to compare data.

In this practice exercise, you will:

  1. Compare the data in a chart.
  2. Use Smart Insights to investigate top contributors.

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