Using Basic Data in the Inspection Plan


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe quality management basic data.
  • Use basic data in the inspection plan.

Quality Management Basic Data

To create an inspection plan, the quality planner must define different building blocks of data stored in the SAP system as basic data.

Play the video and learn what most important basic data objects the quality planner must define.

Use of Basic Data in the Inspection Plan

So far, you have been introduced to the basic data objects sampling procedure, catalogs, and master inspection characteristics. The following figure shows you where these master data objects are used if the quality planner defines an inspection plan.

The quality planner creates the basic data as a prerequisite for defining the inspection plan. On the left side, you see the structure of an inspection plan: The plan structure consists of a plan header, at least one inspection operation, and at least one inspection characteristic per inspection operation. When defining an inspection, for example, for a goods receipt inspection of purchased LED lamps, the quality planner assigns the basic data objects to the inspection characteristics in the plan.

Let us take our example, which is that the quality technician must inspect the packaging and power consumption in a goods receipt inspection for LED lamps. The quality planner defined "packaging" as a qualitative master inspection characteristic and "power consumption" as a quantitative master inspection characteristic. The quality planner then links the master inspection characteristics to the inspection characteristics in the plan.

To handle the inspections, two sampling procedures are defined by the quality planner: a fixed sampling procedure for one-time packaging inspection, and a percentage sampling procedure for inspecting 5 % of the received items for power consumption. Each inspection characteristic is assigned the appropriate sampling procedure.

Additionally, the quality planner specifies that the quality technician should only select packaging materials from a predefined list (for example, wood wool, paper, plastic foil). The predefined list is defined in the catalog characteristic attributes and assigned to the master inspection characteristic.


If you have access to the practice system, you can now do the exercise Execute Quality Planning.

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