Identifying Competencies


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  • Define competencies

Competencies using Job Description Manager (JDM)

The following unit covers the management of Competencies and Libraries from the Job Description Manager (JDM), also known as Families and Roles and we will explore the Talent Intelligence Hub (TIH) as well. The TIH is the newest platform framework which includes several unique capabilities.

The screenshot titled Competency and Skills Framework in SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite provides a high level overview of the different platform frameworks that exist in the SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite that help to manage this type of content.


Since there are several considerations to complete the migration from either Job Description Manager, Job Profile Builder or Center of Capabilities to the TIH framework, this topic will be revisited in future releases. More information about the migration steps and capabilities of TIH can be found in the following guide: Using Talent Intelligence Hub, available in the SAP Help Portal. Talent Intelligence Hub | SAP Help Portal


Competencies are the basic abilities employees must have in order to perform their role successfully within the organization. They are observable, measurable, and critical to successful individual and company performance. There are two broad categories of competencies.

Competency Categories

Competency CategoryDescription
Core CompetenciesCompetencies that are core to the organization. The Performance Form and 360 Review Forms can be configured to pull these competencies for all employees.  
Job-Specific CompetenciesCompetencies that are specific to the role or job of the employee. Competencies can be mapped to the role and job code of the employee and dynamically displayed on an individual’s Performance and 360 Review Forms. 

Competencies Versus Goals

When working with customers, it is important that they understand the differences between competencies and goals or objectives.

  • Competencies describe what is expected to perform the job, such as skills and attributes. Competencies are how someone performs the job.

  • Goals describe what is to be accomplished, and typically include metrics and targets.

Competencies can include:
  • Behaviors

  • Skills

  • Abilities

  • Values

  • Principles

Goals can include:
  • Milestones

  • Achievement Levels (Metric Lookup Table)

  • Trackable

  • Measurable

Example: Sales Negotiation SkillsExample: Increase Sales by 10% in 2018

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