Creating Calculated Key Figures with Boolean Operators


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a query with Boolean operators.

Calculated Key Figures with Boolean Operators

Boolean operators are used to implement logic branches in formulas. They are available as operators within calculated key figures. You can use the following Boolean operators to make comparisons in formulas:

  • Is less than: <

  • Is not equal to: <>

  • Is greater than: >

  • Is less than or equal to: <=

  • Is equal to: =

  • Is greater than or equal to: >=

  • Logical NOT, AND, OR, and logical exclusive OR

For example, the formula Sales Volume > 100,000 delivers the value '1' if the sales volume is greater than 100,000. Otherwise, the expression delivers the value '0'.

The following figure shows you an example for a bonus calculation with the support of Boolean operators.

How to Define Conditional Calculations using Boolean Operators

Launch the following demo to learn how to define conditional calculations using Boolean Operators.

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