Working with the Report-Report Interface


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Work with the Report-Report interface

Report-Report Interface

The report-report interface (RRI) makes it possible to jump from one report to another report. You might do this when you reach the limits of exploration of one report and want to continue in another report that provides more details. In SAP BW/4HANA, you can jump to destinations within and outside of the SAP BW/4HANA system.

With the RRI, you can create several individual reports, each with a limited number of characteristics. These can be linked to each other for flexible data evaluations.

An important use case for RRI is jumping from a query with highly aggregated values to a query showing line items. Normally, you would create a DataStore Object (advanced) of type Data Mart with aggregated data and not use a query on an InfoProvider with a huge amount of line items.

For example, it may be necessary from time to time to use a DataStore Object (advanced) of type Data Mart to analyze the incoming order amounts of your customers in the current quarter. If you see a value that is extremely good or bad, look at the details of the transactions in this quarter. These transaction details can only be found in another DataStore Object (advanced) with much more detailed data. In this case, you can create a RRI with the query based on the DataStore Object (advanced) with the aggregated data as sender and the query based on the DataStore Object (advanced) with the detailed data as receiver. This second query is automatically filtered to the customer and quarter that you have selected in the first query.

When it is called, the RRI first collects the following information from the cells of the sender query:

  • The global filter.

  • Variables.

  • The dynamic filter: The values in the navigation block of the query (filter that can be changed by navigation), including hierarchies.

  • Filters from the selected restricted key figure.

  • Filter from the selected drilldown characteristics.

Jump Targets

With the RRI, you can jump to a target from a SAP BW/4HANA query executed in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office or in other report types such as SAP Lumira or SAP Crystal Reports. This course focuses on the execution of RRI jumps in SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office. The jump targets shown in this course are:

  • Another SAP BW/4HANA Query:

    A new SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office workbook is opened with the query

  • Web Address

Other jump targets are the following:

  • SAP Crystal Report

  • Xcelsius (Dashboard)

  • InfoSet Query (queries on classic InfoSets)

  • Transaction, for example transaction MM03, see below

  • ABAP Report

To use the RRI to jump to targets from your executed SAP BW/4HANA query, you must define the targets with a sender/receiver assignment. For that, you use transaction RSBBS in SAP BW/4HANA

When you have completed the assignment, you can choose Goto in the context menu of report cells to open all targets for the sender query.


Launch this video to learn how to create jump targets with the Report-Report-Interface.

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