Implementing Views and Controller


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Implement views and controllers for a list-detail application

Implement Views and Controller

The App View

As described in the previous lesson, an application implementing the list-detail-pattern implements a view - for example, the named App that acts as central starting point of the view composition.

Watch this video to know more about implementing the App View.

The List View

After the implementation of the application foundation, we can go further with the implementation of the views. We start with the list view, the view that should be shown after the initial start of the application. We will use the sap.f.DynamicPage to implement the basic layout.

The Detail View

After the implementation of the Overview-page, we want to implement the details. The details page should display the details of the selected carrier from the list page, and additionally, the flights and connections of the carrier. The page should look like what is shown in the following figure and can be achieved by using the sap.uxap.ObjectPageLayout.

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