Performing CRUD operations with BOPF


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the steps to perform CRUD operations with BOPF

Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF)

Create and Delete Data with SAP Fiori Elements

You can use the List Report and an Object to create a new object.

By adding a + button to the toolbar, you can navigate to the object page where all fields are editable to create a new object.

You can also delete a record by selecting the radio button on the left of the record and then choosing Delete on the toolbar.

Updating a Record

When you are on an object page, you can use the Edit button to switch between display mode and edit mode. You can also delete this record by choosing Delete.

Draft Control

SAP Fiori elements can also handle the status of a record.

For example, when User A wants to update a record, a draft is created for this record. If User B wants to update this record at the same time, his account is blocked from making the change.


Here, you can see the architecture for an SAP Fiori elements application with write capability.


For detailed information on how to create a transactional list report and object page, proceed as follows:

Open the URL, then navigate to Development→Development Information→Application Development on AS ABAP→SAP - ABAP Programming Model for SAP Fiori→Develop→Developing New Transactional Apps

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