Using Data Visualization


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Identify different ways to visualize data in a list report and an object page.

Data Visualization

There are several methods to visualize your data in a list report and on an object page.

We will look at the annotations for criticality and rating indicator and progress bar.


Criticality can be used in any data field displayed on a list report and an object page. It also works with other annotations with DataField as datatype like UI.fieldGroup and UI.Identification.

If you are using local annotation, criticality is an optional attribute for DataField, you can either set it to a static value or reference it to a property.

Steps to use criticality in list report by writing CDS view are:


You can use the Theme Designer to change these default colors by adjusting the theme. For detailed information on the Theme Designer, refer to UX100.

Rating Indicator and Progress Bar

For rating and progress data, you can use the rating indicator and the progress bar.

To use those controls, set your @UI.lineItem (also apply to @UI.fieldGroup, @UI.identification, and other annotations refer to a DataField) to the type of #AS_DATAPOINT. Then, add a @UI.dataPoint annotation and set the visualization property to @RATING or #PROGRESS.

By default, the rating indicator has five stars and the progress bar is set to 100 as the target. You can customize those further by setting the value of the targetValue property.

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