Using Sections and Facets in Object Pages


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the annotations for adding sections and facets to Object Pages

Sections and Facets in Object Pages

The areas of the Object Page below the header facets are facets grouped by sections. There is also a navigation bar for navigation to specific sections.

Types of Facets in Sections

Let's explore the various types of facets.


A detailed explanation for smart chart facets is given in a later lesson of this course.

Detailed information about sections, indicator facets, and data point facets is given in a later chapter of this course.

For a full list of the types of header facets, open the SAPUI5 SDK and navigate to the following path: DocumentationDeveloping Apps with SAP Fiori ElementsList Report and Object PageConfiguring Object Page FeaturesDefining and Adapting Sections.

Field Group Facets - CDS Annotation

This video shows the CDS annotations that you will use to add a field group facet in a section.

Defining facets in CDS view is only supported by ABAP 7.52.

Field Group Facets-Local Annotation

Back end annotations do not support the definition of facets. Local annotation can be used to define facets. Guided Development will help you create a facet and add the facet (if needed) to a newly created section.

There are different terms for the collection facet and the reference facet. The steps are:

  1. Create a UI.CollectionFacet.
  2. Create a UI.ReferenceFacet under the collection facet and reference it to field group annotation.

Arrangement of Sections and Facets

The figure below illustrates the arrangement of sections and facets.

All sections arrange vertically. All facets in a section arrange in a row.

Display Data of Sub-Entity

If you need to display data from a 1 to * association as a table in an object page, you should use a reference facet to create a section, since the section can only contain one facet.

Facets can display data of a sub-entity through CDS annotation and local annotation. Let's see how.

Note that when exposing a CDS view as an OData service, SAP added "to" before CDS association name as OData association name. For adding new sections developers can use the guided development feature of SAP Business Application Studio.

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