Describing Confirmation and Completion


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  • Describe Confirmation and Completion steps

Confirming and Completing Orders

Before a maintenance task can be technically completed, the working times are entered in the time confirmation, and the activities, damages, and causes of damage are entered in the technical confirmation.

When a maintenance task has been finished, the following steps are executed:

  • Time Confirmation
  • Technical Confirmation
  • Technical Completion

Confirmation Option 1 - Technician does not use SAP

In this case, the maintenance planner performs all confirmation and completion steps.

Confirmation Option 2 - Technician uses Confirmation List

The technician uses the confirmation list to create time confirmations for his orders. He can find his orders automatically by using a preset query (= selection variant), which usually uses the work center of the operation as a selection criteria.

The confirmation list offers two confirmation methods:

  • Confirm as planned - without any further processing steps (function Confirm)
  • Confirm by entering/adapting the actual times (function Edit and Confirm)

How to Create a Time Confirmation Using the Technician's Confirmation List

Technical Confirmation

When technical objects are maintained, the most detailed technical findings possible form the basis of a subsequent evaluation. You can enter the technical findings either in the malfunction report (the request that forms the basis of the order, if there is one), or in an activity report, which is entered after the creation of the order. Technical findings can contain the following information:

  • Cause of damage
  • Work executed (activities and tasks)
  • Damage and exact location of damage
  • Machine downtimes and system availability during and after the maintenance task (system availability)

Technical Completion

You have the following options for the technical completion of a maintenance order:

  • Complete the maintenance order and notification separately
  • Complete the maintenance order together with the assigned notifications

After you complete the maintenance order, its status is updated to TECO (technically completed). In other words, the maintenance work required for this order is finished.

If you have not maintained a settlement rule for the maintenance order, the system automatically creates one. If this is not possible due to missing data, the system directs you to where you can create the settlement rule.

All purchase requisitions for which there are no purchase orders are marked with a deletion flag.

All open reservations and capacities are closed.

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