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Master Data and Process


Checklists are often needed in Plant Maintenance to perform inspections and checks of assets, and serve as a legally binding documentation agenda.

The inspection checklist process is an end-to-end process from the creation of inspection plans to results recording and follow-up actions in Plant Maintenance.

As inspections are typically carried out on a regular basis, the maintenance orders are generated based on maintenance plans.

The generation of an inspection checklist assigned to a maintenance order is triggered by:

  • Classification data assigned to a technical object and an inspection plan
  • Checklist type assigned to a maintenance order operation

For the inspection checklist process, QM inspection lots are created and assigned to the inspection checklist.

With the inspection checklist process configured in your system, you'll benefit from reduced efforts for master data maintenance and operational execution.

What is a Checklist in this context?

A checklist is a view in the maintenance order which contains QM inspection lots.

The following video provides an information about the inspection checklists.

Object List and Inspection Checklist

Generating Object Lists

With, or after, the creation of a Plant Maintenance (PM) work order, an object list can be generated from the header object of the order, and objects from the maintenance plan item. Subsequently, at inspection checklist generation, all technical objects in the order object list will be checked for matching inspection plans.

Object lists can be either created manually (via Generate push button) or automatically when saving the maintenance order, or when scheduling the maintenance plan.

Generating Inspection Checklist and Inspection Lot

Inspection Checklists can either be created manually or automatically. When generating Inspection Checklists, the following prerequisites have to be fulfilled:

  • Object List
  • Inspection Plan and Checklist Type (matching classification characteristics)
  • Inspection Plan and Technical Object (same class, matching characteristic values)

Based on the inspection plan that has been found, new inspection lots will be created and are displayed on the tab, Checklists.

How to Display a Check List within a Maintenance Order

Results Recording

Inspection Checklist Results Recording

You can use transaction IW91 (Checklists: Result Overview) to display the results of your inspection checklist based on your selection of inspection lots, technical object, maintenance order header, and maintenance order operations in list format.

The results list can be displayed on four different list levels:

  • Inspection Characteristics
  • Inspection Lots
  • Order Operations
  • Technical Objects

Closing Inspection Checklists and Maintenance Orders

Using the results list in transaction IW91 (Checklists: Result Overview), you can navigate to transactions QA13 (Display Usage Decision) and QA11 (Record Usage Decision) to display or record the usage decision for an inspection lot by clicking on the glasses icon or the pen icon in the column Usage Decision for an inspection lot.

You can use transaction IW93 (Checklists: Collective Usage Decisions) to make collective usage decisions, execute follow-up actions, e.g. create measurement documents for the inspected technical objects.

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