Optimizing Asset Strategies


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Optimizing Maintenance Strategies and Monitoring Asset Health

How Can you Optimize your Maintenance Strategies and Closely Monitor Asset Health?

In the maintenance of technical assets, there are various approaches such as time-based, or performance-based maintenance. Although these classical approaches still are relevant in certain situations, they do not consider the individual risk of an asset and the consequences that are part of it. Therefore, a risk-based approach can be a valuable part within the overall asset strategy.

In the risk-based approach, assessments are used to evaluate potential risks and consequences that can impact your business.

At the same time, and closely linked to a risk-based maintenance process, you want to monitor asset health in real time. This can be done by monitoring sensor data and raising alerts in case a threshold is exceeded.

Sensor data can then be used in AI and ML techniques to recognize failure patterns, to detect anomalies, and to determine failure probabilities.

Both purposes - a risk-based maintenance process and a sensor-based health monitoring - can be achieved by implementing SAP Asset Performance Management (APM).

Capabilities of SAP Asset Performance Management

SAP Asset Performance Management (APM) is part of SAP Intelligent Asset Management (IAM) - a set of cloud-based applications which extend traditional Enterprise Asset Management.

SAP Asset Performance Management (APM) is tightly integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management.

SAP Asset Performance Management allows the reliability engineer to assess asset health indicators and real-time performance to determine maintenance strategy effectiveness. SAP Asset Performance Management has the following capabilities:

  • Identify critical assets
  • Create risk scores
  • Create assessments
  • Determine the most suitable analytical process
  • Recommend maintenance activities

Steps in SAP Asset Performance Management

The following video provides an information about the steps in SAP APM.

Master Data

As SAP Asset Performance Management strongly relies on SAP S/4HANA, a harmonized data model is necessary. Therefore, SAP Asset Performance Management uses the One Domain Model (ODM) to establish a coherent enterprise data model and enable integration with SAP Service & Asset Management.

Data exchange will be driven via a central Master Data Integration (MDI) service.

Individual master data objects of SAP Asset Performance Management are:

  • Technical Objects (Equipment and Functional Location)
  • Indicators (Measuring Points)
  • Groups
  • Rules
  • Alert Types

Assessments and Recommendations

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