Continuously Optimizing your DevOps Processes


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Detail at least one optimization approach for each of the DevOps lifecycle phases along the CALMS principle

Continuous Optimisation of DevOps Processes

As mentioned before, DevOps is a journey. As previously demonstrated you can establish agile development operations and provide first versions of your application on SAP BTP. Here, we will think about how to foster continuous optimization as part of your DevOps approach.


Continuous optimization should be part of our agile activities throughout the life-cycle of our application.

The following interactive figure demonstrates how you can plan and implement best practices in your approach to DevOps. Select the plus buttons to learn more.

How to use DevOps to increase the reliability of your SAP BTP app

To make it more tangible, click on the button below to explore three ideas on how to optimize your DevOps approach.


You now should have gained inspiration how to optimize your DevOps approach – along this never-ending journey, in the spirit of Confucius’ saying that the way is the goal.

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