Describing SAP Solutions for Continuous Integration and Delivery


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe SAP solutions for CI/CD
  • Compare SAP’s CI/CD offerings

SAP Solutions Continuous Integration and Delivery

In this lesson, you will get an overview of the solutions SAP provides for CI/CD.

Depending on the level of flexibility you desire and the expertise in continuous integration and delivery you bring, you can choose between two SAP offerings for CI/CD:

  • The SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service on SAP BTP
  • The open-source project "Piper"

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery

SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery is a service on SAP BTP that focuses on simplicity: It doesn't require any expertise in CI/CD and offers ready-to-use pipelines for SAP-specific development projects. Connected to your source code repository, these pipelines can automatically build, test, and deploy your code changes. Thereby, they help you detect issues as quickly as possible and prevent integration problems before completing your development.

Watch the video below to get a better understanding of how SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery works:

Project "Piper"

Project "Piper" is an open-source project for customers who are experienced in continuous integration and delivery and bring their own CI/CD stack. Its focus is on flexibility: with project "Piper", you get preconfigured Jenkins pipelines that you can use in your own Jenkins infrastructure and adapt according to your needs, if necessary.

It consists of a shared library, which contains the description of steps, scenarios, and utilities, and a set of Docker images that can be used to implement best practices processes.

Which is the Best Solution for You?

The following table helps you choose the appropriate CI/CD solution by SAP for different use cases.

 SAP Continuous Integration and DeliveryProject 'Piper'
Who should use this offering?SAP business application developers without much experience in CI/CDExperienced customers with their own CI/CD stack
What can they do with this offering?Configure and run predefined CI/CD pipelines for SAP-specific scenariosUse and adapt predefined pipelines in your own CI/CD infrastructure
Where does this offering run?Cloud service on SAP Business Technology PlatformCustomers need to bring their own CI/CD infrastructure
What’s the main objective of this offering?SimplicityFlexibility


You now have a basic understanding of the solutions SAP provides for continuous integration and delivery and know their different focuses.

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