Explaining the DevOps Mission Statement From SAP


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  • Restate SAP's DevOps mission statement

SAP's DevOps Mission Statement

As you found out in the previous lessons, DevOps can be a key enabler for achieving high-level agility and quality in your projects. 

Moreover, DevOps is a natural approach when it comes to SAP development projects. This lesson will outline the SAP mission statement allowing you to benefit from this approach as easy and as early as possible, all this while respecting existing SAP operations processes that might already be in place.

Business Scenario

Rotating Banana is a long-time SAP customer on transition towards SAP S/4HANA and into the cloud. You will explore business scenarios from this hypothetical company for the remainder of this learning journey. Look out for the company logo to slip into different roles and to learn about their journey towards DevOps with SAP BTP.

For start, imagine you would be CTO of Rotating Banana. The cultural aspect of the transformation towards DevOps can be challenging especially in large enterprises. Therefore, you would welcome support from a strong partner along this journey - such as to benefit from best practices and to discuss your best-fitting approach.

DevOps Mission Statement from SAP

Based on many interactions with partners and clients and experience from SAP-internal development, SAP experts outlined a mission statement that captures the essence of the DevOps approach at SAP:

"As trusted advisor, we enable customers to apply DevOps principles to their SAP technology stack (and beyond).

Along the CALMS principles, we provide best practices, services, tools, trainings, and knowledge exchange."

Also for SAP, DevOps is a journey. For you, our customers, we want to act as a guide throughout this journey in order to enable you to apply DevOps principles to your SAP technology stack, reflecting processes that already exist for your SAP environment. And with the option to integrate also into third-party processes, if you should have them already in use for DevOps in non-SAP environments.

For this, we provide SAP-specific best practices and recommendations, cloud services and tools, trainings and consulting, and knowledge exchange - to traverse this journey together!

That is, SAP is working towards enabling you, our customers and partners, to apply DevOps principles ideally for all applications that you develop in SAP environments, along different dimensions.

  • In your environment of choice: No matter, if you develop and run your applications with SAP S/4HANA on-premise, in hybrid environments, or with SAP BTP in the cloud (using Cloud Foundry, SAP BTP ABAP environment, Kyma, or Neo).
  • For the programming language of your choice: You shall benefit from the agile approach with DevOps when developing with ABAP, Java, Node.js, or HTML5.
  • For your desired development approach: We intend to enable the development continuum, so that you can combine low-code and pro-code development as part of an overarching agile project.
  • Around your operations center of gravity: All this with the option to stick to your existing operations processes - established on-premise or in the cloud. 
  • For DevOps experts and newbies: We want to lower the entry barrier, no matter if you are new to the topic (where we recommend an opinionated approach with a low-entry barrier) or if you should bring already DevOps expertise and third-party infrastructure from non-SAP scenarios.
For SAP and its customers, this mission statement is a journey. In areas where SAP is not living up to this vision yet, SAP is working towards enabling and extending the DevOps offering along this mission statement - based on your requirements and expectations.

Business Scenario

As CTO of Rotating Banana, you look forward to keeping alive a long-term relationship with SAP and other companies to exchange best practices for this journey. This will give you more confidence to tackle also the cultural aspects.

The ambition from SAP to enable DevOps along different dimensions will especially ease your transition, as it will allow you to combine agile approaches with established processes that already work in your company.

For example, you plan to stick to your existing change management approach that brings the right level of control, by extending it to cover also the cloud changes.


Armed with the above information, you will not only understand SAP's approach to DevOps, but also share SAP's mission statement of applying DevOps principles to SAP development projects.

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