Explaining your SAP BTP Account Model for DevOps


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  • Define and set up your account model on SAP BTP for DevOps

Account Model on SAP BTP for DevOps

This lesson is geared mainly towards administrators, but any of the roles involved could benefit from it.

For handling your application on SAP BTP with DevOps, SAP recommends a staged account model, to be able to separate development from test runs and from your production environment.

Business Scenario

As SAP BTP administrator of Rotating Banana, you haven't set your exact account model for SAP BTP yet. Nevertheless, a model that would be aligned with your existing on-premise staged environment would be beneficial.

Your SAP BTP account model for DevOps

If you haven't set up an account model for your project yet (such as by having a DEV, a PRE-PROD, and a PROD sub-account for it), the following figure outlines our general recommendation for an account model intended for a staged development of your projects on SAP BTP.

Recommended SAP BTP Account Model

Create at least 3 sub-accounts to set up a staged development environment.

Create separate development (DEV), test, and production (PROD) sub-accounts for each functional area – with directories as structuring element.

This recommended model also fits for projects applying DevOps:

With this model, each functional area gets an own directory, comprising three sub-accounts (one for development, one for test, and one for production). For each directory, the functional area can use their own identity provider and manage their entitlements.

If you should have other needs, you can find further examples and guidance around account structuring in the Best Practices for SAP BTP guide.

Besides this information on the account model, the Best Practices for SAP BTP guide provide a detailed planning section with information about your governance model, security and compliance, and life-cycle management.

Business Scenario

As SAP BTP administrator of Rotating Banana, you decide to set up a staged account model for your projects on SAP BTP, following SAP's recommended setup.


Now you can start defining and setting up your account model on SAP BTP for DevOps - based on the recommendations above and on the additional best practices provided via documentation.

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