Creating Sourcing Projects for Direct Spend


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain Sourcing Project Creation Steps within Direct Spend Sourcing.

Overview of SAP Ariba Sourcing for use in Direct Spend

Sourcing Project and Event Creation in Direct Spend Sourcing

Create sourcing project from Product Sourcing Dashboard​

  • You can get quote pricing by creating sourcing projects and events directly from BOMs, BOM parts, or from the list of materials that you manage​.
  • When you create sourcing projects via the Product Sourcing dashboard, SAP Ariba automatically transfers historic prices, quantity, supplier specific prices, and terms with supplier specific values to the sourcing project. ​
  • SAP Ariba also automatically adds AML suppliers as invited suppliers in the sourcing project.​

Accept pricing during the event award process and the pricing information is sent back to the product sourcing dashboard​

Sourcing Project and Event Creation in Direct Spend Sourcing

Play the video below to see how a Sourcing Project is created within Direct Spend Sourcing.

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