Data Acquisition with Web Intelligence

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Identify data sources for Web Intelligence
  • Create and save documents

Universes, Objects, and Data

Web Intelligence makes it easy for you to access your corporate data by enabling you to work with familiar business terms to retrieve data from a database rather than using technical code required by the data source. One of the possible methods Web Intelligence uses to accomplish this task is to use a universe.

An SAP BusinessObjects universe is the semantic layer that maps everyday business terms to the data stored in the database. Using a universe, you can retrieve data that interests you by dragging and dropping the desired objects.

In your company, universes are created by a universe designer using the information design tool. The designer then makes the universes available to you and other users in your organization so that you can select the appropriate business terms to create queries and retrieve data from the database. Within each universe, these business terms are listed as objects, while similar types of business terms are grouped into classes.

Objects are elements in an SAP BusinessObjects universe that correspond to the data in the database. Ideally, the universe designer names the object with business terms that you use in your daily activities, such as Sales revenue or Customer name. You use these objects to build queries and retrieve the data you want to show in your report.

The components of a universe are as follows:

  • Classes and subclasses

    A class is a folder containing objects. A subclass is a sub-folder. Classes organize objects into logical groups.

  • Objects

    Objects are elements that map data in a relational database and are named using familiar business terms. For example, named objects in the eFashion universe include Year, Quarter, and Sales revenue.

Data Source Support

Below is the list of Web Intelligence data sources (SAP BO BI 4.3 SP2):

Web Intelligence Document Components

See the following video to learn more about the web intelligence document component and query panel.

The Query Process

Running Queries

You run queries that were built in the Query Panel to return data to the document for presentation and further analysis. When using the web client, these queries are sent to a processing server (part of the BI Platform) and then forwarded to the data source.

The processing server takes the data returned from the data source and places the results in a data provider. You can then interact with this data in the Web Intelligence client.

This process repeats each time you refresh the query.

Document Saves

You can save the current document to a Personal folder or a Public folder (if you have the appropriate rights).

The Save As functionality only saves the document in Web Intelligence document format (*.WID).

If you want to save a document in another format, use Export to convert the document to PDF, CSV, XLS, TXT or HTML format.

Create a Document with a Simple Query

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