Presenting Data in Free-Standing Cells


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Present data in free-standing cells

Free-Standing Cells

Free-standing cells are single cells that stand alone in a report. You can use free-standing cells to display information that adds meaning to your report.

There are several types of free-standing cells available in the Insert section of the toolbar.

You can add the following information to your reports:

  • Blank Cell

    Empty cell in which you can enter any text or formula.

  • Comment

    A cell in which you can type a general comment.

  • Document Name

    Displays the name of the document.

  • Last Refresh Date

    You can display the date when the document results were refreshed with the most recent data from the data source.

  • Drill Filters

    You can display the names of the objects by which the data in a drilled report is filtered.

  • Query Summary

    Displays the details of the queries in the document.

  • Prompt Summary

    Displays the details of the user prompt selections.

  • Page Number

    You can display the page number of each report page.

Simultaneous Multiple Object Formatting

You can format several objects at the same time.

Resizing, aligning, defining borders, background colors, or relative positions are examples of what's possible when formatting multiple report elements simultaneously. The formatting options available depend on the report elements you select.

Options available within these tabs depend on the type of selection you make and the settings the report elements you select have in common. Also, some of these settings may appear as undetermined when the report elements have different values for the same setting. These settings are reset to make sure that the new value you enter applies to all the report elements you select.

There are three possible selections:

  • Selection of report elements of the same type, such as two vertical tables.
  • Selection of report elements of different types, such as a vertical table and a horizontal table.
  • Selection of report elements of heterogeneous type, such as a pie chart and a free cell.

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