Applying Time-Based Record Selection


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Display records based on a specific time period

Record Selection Based on a Date

You can select records based on a Date or DateTime field. You may want to see all the sales reps that have placed five or more orders in the past month.

To do this, you would create a record selection using the appropriate date and, if needed, formula fields in the Select Expert.

If you need a report that shows each staff member that had been hired between a certain time period. The easiest method is to use the "is between" option in the Select Expert.

Watch out for "is between" and "is less than" when entering dates. If no time is entered, the program assumes you meant "midnight" and you might miss an entire day’s results.

You could also use "is in the period" or "is not in the period." This method provides you with options to select a predetermined start and finish date for the period of time you request based on the computer system clock.

Use Print Date and Time

Use the Set Print Date and Time dialog box to set the date for your report. You can choose either today's date or specify another date.

This dialog box appears when you choose the Set Print Date and Time command from the Report menu.

Today's Date and TimeSelect this option to use today's date and time (based on the computer system clock) as your report date.
OtherSelect this option if you want to use a date other than today's as the report date. When you select this option, the Date and Time edit boxes are activated where you can specify the desired print date.
DateUse the Date list to select a past or future print date.
TimeUse the Time box to set the print time.

Apply a Time-Based Record Selection

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