Creating Charts Based on Existing Groups and Summaries


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Visualize data using groups and summaries

Drill-Down with Charts

Drill-down is a process where the details behind summary information can be revealed by clicking the summary information contained in a report.

A chart that is based upon summary fields is a candidate for drill-down. For each level of grouping and summarizing that make up the chart, you can drill down into the data to see the underlying information that constitutes those totals.

If a chart consists of one or more group fields and you have included a legend, you can drill down on individual groups through the chart legend. Double-click the cursor on the markers and text in the legend to view the details about that section of the chart.

For example, on a report showing total sales for each region with a pie chart based on those subtotals, double-clicking a pie slice opens a drill-down tab showing the individual entries that make up that subtotal.

Viewing a Chart in the Preview Window

When viewing a chart in the Preview window, the cursor changes to a magnifying glass. When you double-click with this magnifying glass, a new Preview tab opens up and the details behind that summary are displayed.

You can double-click as many summaries as you want as each one opens its own drill-down tab.

You cannot drill down on an advanced chart because the chart is already displaying all the data for that field.
Closing the drill-down tabs does not close the report. However, closing the Preview tab closes all drill-down tabs. If you made any changes since the last save and you close the report, you will be prompted to save those changes.

Create a Chart From Existing Groups

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