Highlighting Data in a Report


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Use conditional formatting to highlight data in a report

Conditional Formatting Using the Highlighting Expert

The Highlighting Expert enables you to apply conditional formatting to all types of report fields (Number, Currency, String, Boolean, Date, Time, and Date and Time fields). With the expert, you format the selected field either by specifying a condition based on that field’s value, or by specifying a condition based on the value of a different report field.

You can undo highlighting with the Undo button on the Standard toolbar to cancel the formatting.

Think of the Highlighting Expert as a formula editor that runs the following equation: If condition is True, then apply these formatting specifications. For this purpose, the dialog box is divided into two sections, the Item list section, which displays the items, and the Item editor, which enables you to set the condition and the resulting format of the selected item in the Item list. The Item editor includes a Sample view to illustrate the formatting specifications applied.

You can create multiple items with this dialog box. Each item appears in the Item list. You can use the Remove button to delete items as well as use the Priority arrow buttons to specify the order of priority for each item.

The changes in the formatting are seen on the Preview tab only.

Highlighting Expert Features

When used for conditional formatting, the Highlighting Expert allows you to do the following:

  • Modify several attributes at once, without writing a formula

  • Format font style, background color, font color, and border style

  • Format a field based on its own values or the values of another field

Priority of Settings

The Priority buttons in the Item list area of the Highlighting Expert allow you to set priorities for your items. This is useful when you have two or more items with conditions that overlap (more than one condition that is true). The list of items are executed in sequential order starting from the top. Once the Highlighting Expert evaluates a condition that is true, only the format associated with that condition is applied and no further items are tested.

For example, you want to highlight the Order Amount field on the report. The item is set to show a yellow background when an order amount is greater than $100. On this same report, you create another item that is set to show a red background when an order amount is greater than $200. An order amount of $300 could have either a red or yellow background, depending on which item has the higher priority.

Play the following video to learn how to set priority for multiple items in the Highlighting Expert

Format Report Objects

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