Confirming Actual Dates for Networks


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Confirmation of Network Activities

Project Release

After all project planning work has now been completed, James, who works as a project planner at Hybrid Machinery, is now able to release the logistics project for the forklift he has been working on.

Before he is able to post any actual times, actual costs, goods movements or revenues to one of the network activities of this project, he first has to release this activity. If project stock, represented by Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) elements, is being used in the forklift project described here, he also has to release the WBS element that represents the project stock segment, before any goods movements can take place.

Confirmation of Network Activities

Various functions (such as posting actual costs, actual dates, and actual labor and, if necessary, changing the activity status) are carried out automatically by means of confirmations. There are different methods available for entering confirmations. Confirmations document the processing status of activities in a network and enable you to evaluate the project progress. An activity must be released before you can confirm it. In the Project Builder and using SAP Fiori apps you can release an activity first and confirm it later.

While you use individual confirmations to enter confirmation data for an activity, you can also create confirmations for more than one object in a collective confirmation.

The various methods for confirmation are as follows:

  • You can create individual or collective confirmations in the SAP system by using the SAP GUI or SAP Fiori transactional apps.
  • You can use the Cross-Application Timesheet (CATS) to enter time data.
  • You can import data from external systems via standardized PDC interfaces. These systems can also be used to create confirmations.

In the structure information system, you can select more than one activity or activity element and send them to another user or organizational unit as a confirmation workflow.

How to Release a Project and Confirm an Activity

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