Executing Investment Projects


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain documents with account assignment to projects
  • Explain Execution Services

Account Assignments of Documents to Projects

Account Assignments of Documents During the Realization Phase

See the following video to follow a conversation between Linda and James about the project realization phase:

Assignment of Documents During the Project Execution Phase

The project execution phase always starts with the release of the project or a WBS element. The release status is passed on to the subordinate elements. Release of an object is the prerequisite that you are able to post and assign documents to the object such as activity allocations, material costs, commitments, etc.

Various business transactions establish a connection to WBS elements and/or activities via document assignment. After assigning the appropriate documents, the costs concerned are posted to a WBS element, network, activity, or activity element.

During the project planning phase, you can plan costs for materials, activity allocation, services, and overheads with Easy Cost Planning. During the execution phase, actual costs, commitments, and revenues arising from purchase requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipts, activity allocations, or invoices for WBS elements are posted with respect to primary cost planning, activity input planning, or revenue planning data for the WBS.

Execution Services

Creation of Accounting and Purchasing Documents Using Execution Services

In the SAP Project System (SAP PS), some business processes are integrated in Execution Services, which is based on Easy Cost Planning (ECP) for WBS.

To use Execution Services, you have to plan costs using Easy Cost Planning (ECP). In addition, you must have the corresponding authorization to perform business transactions such as creating a purchase order.

You can go from the Project Builder to Execution Services and perform the following business processes:

  • Internal activity allocation
  • Direct process allocation (for processes)
  • Reservations (for material items)
  • Goods issue (for material items)
  • Purchase requisition (for material items, external activity items, service items, and variable items)
  • Purchase order (for material items, external activity items, service items, and variable items)

How to Use Execution Services

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