Explaining Assembly Processing with Projects


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Explain assembly processing with projects.

Assembly Processing with Projects

Creating Projects by Using Assembly Processing


The following video shows a dialog between James, project planner at Hybrid Machinery, and Lisa, who works for the Sales department at the same company. They discuss the options available for linking sales documents and project structures and the automation of work:

Assembly Processing with Projects

If you create a sales order for a material that has a requirements class assigned to it for assembly processing, the system automatically creates an assembly order (in this case a network) in the background, and begins assembly processing.

An example is shown of what assembly processing could look like.

In assembly processing, you can use all of the functions of both sales orders and assembly orders. The direct connection between sales orders and assembly orders indicates that changes made in one document, are automatically reflected in the other. Assembly processing offers the following advantages:

  • Overall network scheduling is used to determine confirmed delivery dates in sales order items.

  • Network costing can be used as a condition type in the condition schema.

  • Billing milestones of the network are automatically copied to the dates of the billing plan.

How to Create a Logistics Project Using Assembly Processing

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