Planning Resources with Networks


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Maintain capacity requirements for internally processed activities
  • Generate purchase requisitions for externally processed activities

Resource Planning with Networks

Thomas and James Discuss the Progress of the Logistics Project

Thomas, Hybrid Machinery's IT manager, discusses with James, who works as a project planner at the same company, the progress of the logistics project.

The following video shows a dialog between James and Thomas, who works as the IT manager of Hybrid Delivery, about the progress of the logistics project:

Planning of Resources

You can use activities in a network to plan the resources required for a project.

Three types of activities are shown: an internally processed activity, an externally processed activity and a service activity.

The SAP Project System (SAP PS) distinguishes between the following types of activities:

  • Internally processed activity

    Defines the work to be carried out by machines or people. You can evaluate the capacities of the various work centers involved, reschedule these capacities as necessary, and distribute work among employees.

  • Externally processed activity

    Defines activities that are required from external resources like vendors and subcontractors. External processing is carried out by the purchasing department.

  • Service activity

    A service activity is also used to procure services externally. It is defined by service specifications and value limits that can be rendered by the service provider. Service processing includes maintenance of service entry sheets. Service processing is carried out by the purchasing department.

Workforce Planning

Planning of Resources in Workforce Planning

Once you have created capacity requirements, you can enter workforce planning. Using workforce planning, you can distribute work among employees. This means that you can assign persons to activities. You can also schedule personnel for an activity.

The project view and the work center view are shown. And that using them, you can assign persons to activities.

Project and work center views are available to help you distribute work among employees. In both views, you can assign persons to activities and access various reference data, such as the availability of a person from Human Capital Management (HCM).

How to Execute Workforce Planning

External Processing with Networks

Processing External Requirements Using Purchase Orders

Not all activities in a project can be carried out by the company's own employees. The reason might be that the required qualification is not available. Another reason might be that all of the internal resources are fully utilized or that they are overqualified for the task.

In this case the required project work can be outsourced to external suppliers using purchasing documents.

The external processing steps for work performed by a supplier are presented. A purchase requisition is converted into bid invitations. The bid invitations are turned into quotations once prices are received (from suppliers) and entered. The supplier is selected, and a purchase order is created (based on the quotation). A goods receipt is later on posted for the purchase order and once an invoice is received, it is booked.

Service procurement via purchasing is mapped in networks by means of the following two activity types:

  • Externally processed activity
  • Service activity

For example, if you commission an engineering office to design a machine, you can create an externally processed activity. When you create an activity such as this, a purchase requisition that is processed further in purchasing is automatically created. You can use data from purchasing for external processing (a purchasing info record that contains prices and delivery times for external processing).

A service activity can contain a hierarchy of planned services to be purchased, and value limits for unplanned services. A service activity triggers a similar purchasing process as an externally processed activity. However, there is no goods receipt for services. Instead of a goods receipt, a service entry sheet is used. The purchasing process for a service activity involves two steps, namely, entering in of the service and acceptance of the service.

How to Execute External Activities

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