Analyzing Sales Performance


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  • Analyze Sales Performance

Reporting Sales Performance

The released CDS views retrieve sales performance data from your system, including plan and actual data. With this app, you can analyze the profitability of your sales area at the level of each sales order. 

How to Build Custom CDS Views

In the Custom CDS Views app, you can build custom cubes or standard CDS views based on the cube I_SlsPerformancePlanActualCube. The app also allows you to build your own content based on the virtual data model (VDM) and other custom content. For example, custom business objects.

You can create custom queries in the Custom Analytical Queries app, with a copy from the standard query C_SlsPerfPlanActualQuery.

The SAP S/4HANA data model (the virtual data model) is based on CDS views to provide customer reusability, extensibility, and flexibility. The Custom CDS Views app offers customers the ability to create their own content based on the VDM or other custom content, for example, Custom Business Objects. This content is called custom CDS views. CUSTOM CDS views can serve different purposes: They can be used in analytics or as external APIs that are then used in external systems, for example, in the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Custom Analytical queries

The Custom Analytical Queries app is a tool used for reporting and analysis.

This tool transforms and organizes raw data supplied from business documents into a meaningful grid. It abstracts the task of writing structured queries so you don't need to understand the query language or technical details.

Custom Analytical Queries provides the fields required to create a query. You can select the required fields and set filters for your query. You can add restricted and calculated metrics, and preview query results. The following different options are available in Custom Analytical Queries, allowing you to do the following:

Add dimensions and measures from the data source: Use this option to add a field from a data source to define a query or remove a field from the query. For more information, see Adding dimensions and measures from the data source in the relevant section.

Multidimensional Report Creation

You use multidimensional reports to analyze your data and display the results. You can view the list of multidimensional reports along with their application IDs. This page allows you to create applications for multidimensional reports. These applications can be launched directly from the SAP Fiori launchpad. This page displays all the applications for the queries released from the View Browser application.

This page displays all the applications for the queries released from the View Browser application.

From the toolbar, you can create, edit, and delete applications. Use the Show Preview button to view the details of the applications, where you can see the query name, last update details, visualization, and data analysis. You can view all or selected columns and sort the data in the columns by choosing Settings.

The page displays the title, subtitle, the selected query, and the application ID. If you want to add your application to a business catalog, choose the application ID. You can then add or remove an existing catalog or publish the application to the catalog. Search for and select the application ID. Choose Add and select a catalog from the list of business catalogs. Then, choose Publish.

Find out how you can create your own multidimensional report, which you can use in a multidimensional data grid app.

Analyzing Sales Performance

Sales planning and sales performance monitoring are important for roles such as sales managers. Sales managers can create sales plans in the Manage Sales Plans app, and compare plan data and actual data on various dimensions in the Sales Performance - Plan/Actual app.

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