Using the SFC Report


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  • Obtain genealogy and history information using the SFC Report

SFC Report

The SAP Digital Manufacturing system collects comprehensive data during production, either via worker input or through interfaces to sensors and automation systems. If the Production Supervisor wants to obtain all information about an SFC in one singe place, they use the SFC Report app. Review the following image:

The SFC Report informs the Production Supervisor about the order the SFC was built for and provides basic details about the SFC, including production log details that encompass all production-related activities that the worker performed on the SFC. This covers aspects such as SFC start, completion, sign off, split, merge, serialization, relabeling, and yield or scrap. For each activity, the system shows when it was executed and by whom and, if applicable, at which work center, resource, or operation activity.

The app also provides details on SFC assembly or component consumption. This includes information such as the operation activity when the worker assembled the component, order, plant, resource, routing, and material numbers of the assembled or consumed components. The report also specifies the time the assembly or the consumption occurred, and, if applicable, assembly data the worker collected during component assembly.

On another tab, the SFC Report shows data collection details such as the data collection group, parameter and recorded value including the unit of measure. This information is useful if you want to evaluate in-process inspection results for an SFC.

Moreover, the SFC Report displays nonconformance records of the SFC, including operation activity and resource where the worker recorded the deviation. Furthermore, the report shows nonconformance code group and code, processing state of the deviation, and the entire nonconformance history.

Further, the SFC Report provides tooling details, including the resource, tool number, number of tools used, and the number of times a tool is used. It also shares work instruction log details, which outline the work instruction viewed by the user, along with user details and the time when the work instruction was opened.


If your business process requires the SFC genealogy or product history in printed form, you can also generate a preview or print the respective document using the SFC Report app. SAP Digital Manufacturing provides default templates for both document types that your Application Consultant can adapt using the Manage Document Print Templates app.

How to Process an SFC Report

Watch the following demonstration to learn which data the Production Supervisor can obtain from the SFC Report and how they can generate printouts in SAP Digital Manufacturing:

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