Explaining Application Variants


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain how the usage of application variants is enabled for sales and purchase orders

Concept of Condition Techniques


You use application variants to control/restrict the usage of variants of a material in application documents during certain time periods.

For example, if a vendor can only provide a limited range of size/colors, a purchasing variant can be created for this vendor excluding the size/colors which it cannot provide.

Application Variant, Maintenance

The picture shows the set-up for sales orders.

Relevant transactions are: FSH_VAR_SD- "Maintain Sales Application Variants" and FSH_VAR_MM - "Maintain Purchasing Application Variants"

Correspondingly for purchase orders: if the purchase order type is relevant for purchase application variant determination only the allowed variants can be ordered at the vendor

Relevant configuration:

Application variant condition maintenance:
IMGLogistics-GeneralFashion ManagementCross-ApplicationsApplication Variants.
Activation of sales order type:

IMGSales and DistributionSalesSales DocumentsSales Document HeaderMaintain Sales Document Types for Fashion Management

Activation of purchase order type:

IMGMaterials ManagementPurchasingPurchase OrderMaintain Purchasing Document Types for Fashion Management.

Application Variant in Sales Orders

The figure shows determination log for sales orders.

A determination log of the application variant determination is also available in purchase orders.

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