Explaining Outbound Processing


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the most important features of an outbound delivery
  • Name the enhancements which can be used in an outbound delivery
  • Name preceding as well as successor documents of outbound deliveries
  • Explain the results of the goods issue

Outbound Processing


You are to ship the goods that are requested by a customer or a retail store. To start the shipping process you created the outbound delivery to inform the warehouse team what has to be picked, packed and send to the goods recipients.

Delivery in a Nutshell

Outbound delivery documents have a two level structure: header and delivery items.

Orders have three levels. In addition to header and items there are also schedule lines.

In deliveries an item is created for every relevant schedule line.

In SAP S/4HANA for Fashion and Vertical Business outbound deliveries are created with standard transactions for single document creation like VL01N or VL01NO or collectively using standard transactions like VL10A, VL10B, VL10G and so on.

Enhancements for Outbound Delivery

In SAP S/4HANA for fashion and vertical business, outbound deliveries are created using standard outbound delivery views which have been enhanced in order to support fashion specific features as shown above.

Preceding and Successor Documents of Outbound Deliveries

With ARun relevant Materials:

  • If ARun flag is set in the material master outbound delivery items pick up schedule lines which have assignment status as 'F' (fixed).
  • Outbound delivery items with ARun do not perform availability check (ATP) and batch determination in the delivery
  • On save of the outbound delivery document, ARun status 'F' is remove from the table (ARUN_BDBS) for these items.
  • Delivery with reference is created using transaction codes VL10X, VL01N
  • Requirement and stock segmentation in delivery get copied from assignment
  • Segmentation strategy is used to determine stock segments during assignment
  • Delivery creation without reference is not possible for ARun relevant materials
  • Following message is shown for ARun relevant Material: "Cannot use Material XYZ in transaction; Material relevant for ARun"

Without ARun relevant Materials:

  • If ARun flag is not set in the material master availability check (ATP) and batch determination are performed
  • Delivery with reference is created using transaction codes VL10X, VL01N
  • Delivery without reference is created using transaction code VL01N
  • During automatic batch determination, different batches may be proposed - invalid batches (from segmentation strategy rules) are filtered and only the relevant batches are available within the delivery.
  • Without automatic batch determination entering the batch is a manual activity by the user within the document.
  • F4-Help on batch shows only the relevant batches (batches could be filtered due to segmentation strategy rules after auto batch determination).

Results of the Goods Issue

Goods issue automatically triggers the following:

  • The quantity in inventory management and the delivery requirements in materials planning are updated.
  • The value change in the balance sheet accounts for inventory accounting is posted (the postings from the relevant accounting document on the cost of the material).
  • The system creates further documents for financial accounting.
  • The billing due list generated.
  • The status in all associated sales documents is updated.
  • Update of the document flow.

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