Creating a Condition Record


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Create a condition record.

Condition Records

The condition master data includes prices, surcharges, and discounts, freights, and taxes.

You can define condition master data (condition records) to be dependent on various data. You can, for example, maintain a material price customer-specifically or define a discount to be dependent on the customer and the material pricing group.

In Customizing, you can control the data on which prices, surcharges, and discounts, freights, or taxes can be dependent. (You can define conditions to be dependent on any document fields). Frequently occurring cases have already been set in the standard system.

Condition Master Record Example

If you want to create a condition master record, you have to choose the appropriate condition type first. The condition type controls the properties of the condition master record, including the following:

  • Condition class (for example, price or discount)

  • Scales (are scales allowed and is a value or quantity scale possible?)

  • Level (is the data record relevant for the header and/or item level of the document?)

  • Validity period (a default value can be proposed)

Create a Condition Record

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