Executing Maintenance Orders


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Execute maintenance orders.

Confirmation of Times

Order Completion Process

After you enter the completion confirmations for operations or suboperations in a maintenance order, the system automatically assigns the status PCNF (partially confirmed) to these operations or suboperations. If you have not made any setting in Customizing that a final completion confirmation should be proposed automatically, the system assigns the status.

As soon as all the operations or suboperations in a maintenance order have been completely confirmed, the order itself is assigned the status CNF (finally confirmed).

There is always a risk of completion confirmations being assigned to the wrong operations or suboperations or entered with the wrong data. The system, therefore, allows you to reverse completion confirmations if required.

An internal maintenance operation is performed by a maintenance work center, which is assigned to a cost center. Therefore, the completion confirmation triggers an internal activity allocation between this cost center and the plant maintenance order, debiting the order with the costs. These costs are calculated by multiplying the recorded work time with the activity price.

Overall Completion Confirmation

Technical Completion

You have the following options to complete the maintenance order:

  • Complete the maintenance order and notification separately
  • Complete the maintenance order together with assigned notifications

To complete the order and notification together, the notification must not contain any outstanding tasks.

If there are any outstanding tasks (status OSTS) in a notification, you cannot complete the notification. You must first mark the tasks as finished. You can, however, complete the order belonging to the notification as the outstanding tasks may not necessarily belong to the order performed (in certain circumstances, a new order may be required for this).

All notifications with outstanding tasks can be identified easily from their status (OSTS) and then processed.

Maintenance Order – Technical Completion

If you have not maintained a settlement rule for the maintenance order, it is created automatically by the system. If this is not possible because of missing data, the system directs you to where the settlement rule can be maintained.

All the purchase requisitions without purchase orders that still exist for the maintenance order are marked with a deletion flag.

All open reservations and capacities that exist for the maintenance order are closed.

Technical Completion – Reference date

A reference date and time must be entered during the technical completion. This depends on what periods are assigned to the order in the Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS).

However, the reference date has no influence on the determination of the location and account assignment data. This date is determined and set to the date when the order is created. If, for example, the cost center of the equipment changes during the order processing, you can, if necessary, use the context menu (Update Reference Object Data) to update the order.

You can find the following data in the maintenance history:

  • Order data
  • Data from maintenance notifications
  • Usage histories

You can use this data for the evaluation of past work and the planning of new work.

Reversing Technical Completion

Maintenance Notification – Completion

Before you complete a maintenance notification, check the following conditions:

  • All data, which refers to the reference object for the maintenance notification, is available and correct.
  • All the relevant item data is available and correct.
  • All the relevant task data is available and correct.
  • All tasks have been completed or released. There are no more outstanding tasks.
  • All technical data related to the breakdown and availability of the technical system is available and correct.

Confirm Time for Maintenance Order and Goods Issue Posting

Technically Complete a Maintenance Order

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