Listing Additional Vendor Specific Master Data Records


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  • List Additional Vendor Specific Master Data Records

Purchasing Info Record

Purchasing Info Records – Text Types

The following text types in the purchasing info record are stored in the system:

  • The internal info record memo:

    The internal info record memo is an internal comment you transfer to the PO item. This text is not printed.

  • The PO text in the purchasing info record:

    The PO text is used to describe the PO item. You transfer this text to the PO item and print it.

The purchasing info record is an important source of information for the buyer. When you create the purchasing documents, the system transfers the data from the info record to the document as default values.

Data for a purchasing info record is divided into the following categories:

  • The generally applicable data (valid for a single client)

  • The purchasing organization-specific data

  • The purchasing organization-specific and plant-specific data

Purchasing Info Records - Organizational Levels


You can use the following types of conditions in purchasing:

  • Conditions in a contract apply to all contract release orders created with reference to the contract.

  • Conditions in a purchasing info record apply to all the PO items containing the material and the vendor in the purchasing info record.

Create a Purchasing Info Record

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