Posting a G/L Account Document


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Post to a G/L account
  • Run a financial statement and query an account

Post G/L account documents

You can easily create and post a G/L account document using the Fiori App Post General Journal Entries. The entry screen of the Fiori App Post General Journal Entries is divided into multiple areas as shown in the figure Fiori App - Post General Journal Entries.

Header data:

Header data applies to the whole document, such as posting date and document type.

Line Item information:

Enter the line items of the document here.

Tax items:

Enter tax items details, for example if the system should calculate the taxes automatically during simulation or posting, here.

Select Templates:

Here, you can select templates as references.

To save time and effort when entering information for numerous journal entries, create journal entry templates that match your specific needs using the Manage Journal Entry Templates app.

When you create a journal entry template, you select those fields and values that you need for a specific use, such as for submitting and posting journal entries.

When you create a journal entry template, you can also choose to make it public, that is, share it with other users in your organization.

Document Structure

An accounting document in SAP S/4HANA has got the following structure:

  • A document header

  • and line items (maximum of 999 line items for the Entry View).

Every accounting document is uniquely identified by the following fields:

  • Document Number

  • Company Code

  • Fiscal Year

There are two important control keys, as follows:

  • Document type for the document header

  • Posting key for the line items

Document types are used to distinguish between and order various accounting documents easily. Each document is assigned to a document type, which is entered in the document header. Document numbers are provided by the document number ranges assigned to one or more document types.

Posting Key

In selected SAP GUI based transactions (for example FB50 — Enter G/L Account Document or the Fiori app Post General Journal Entries), you no longer need to enter the posting key. Instead,

  • Debit (D) represents posting key 40

  • Credit (C) represents posting key 50

Create a Posting from Financial Accounting

Display a G/L Account Balance and Cost Center Actuals

Financial Statement Versions

You can set up different balance sheet and P&L structures (financial statement versions) to meet reporting requirements of your country or your used financial reporting standards.

The app Manage Global Hierarchies is a single point of entry for the maintenance of different hierarchies in SAP S/4HANA. One of these hierarchies is the Financial Statement Version. In a Financial Statement Version, you can define a structure for the balance sheet and Profit and Loss statements reports. These structures define which accounts should appear in which balance sheet items.

Balance Sheet and Income Statement

How to Include a G/L Account in a Financial Statement Version

Check a G/L Account in the Financial Statement Version

Display a Financial Statement

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