Processing a Customer Invoice


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Process a customer invoice
  • Evaluate CO-PA

Processing a Customer Invoice

Billing Supports

The process of billing supports the following:
  • Creating invoices for products and services

  • Creating credit and debit memos

  • Canceling previously posted billing documents

  • Transferring billing document data to accounting automatically

When you create a billing document, data is copied  from the sales order and the delivery document to the billing document. Delivery items as well as order items (for example, services) can be references for the billing document.

The billing document serves several important functions:

  • It is the sales and distribution document that helps you to generate invoices.

  • The billing document serves as a data source for financial accounting (FI) to help you to monitor and process customer payments.

  • When you create a billing document, the G/L accounts will normally be updated automatically.

During this process, the system carries out the following tasks:

  • Debit posting on the customer receivables account

  • Credit posting on the revenue account

Billing Processing

Creating a Billing Document

Billing Document Structure

To ensure that the billing documents are processed efficiently, the data can be read and processed in different views. The views are grouped into overview, header, and item screens.

Effects of Billing Document

When you save the billing document, the system automatically generates all the required documents for accounting. In accounting, the System carries out a debit posting on the customer receivables account and a credit posting on the revenue account.

The accounting document contains all the completed postings in financial accounting that refer back to pricing in Sales andDistribution, for example, the receivable on the customer account or the obtained net sales and taxes on the relevant G/L accounts.

When you save the billing document, further documents for accounting can be automatically generated by the system, for example, for the components Controlling (CO), profitability analysis, market segment analysis (CO-PA) or Group Reporting.

When the billing document is posted, the following also occurs:

  • The document flow and the status in all related sales, delivery, and billing documents, is updated

  • The sales statistics in the sales information system are updated

  • The customer credit account is updated

Document Flow

The documents within a sales and distribution process are linked to each other via the document flow. This enables you to access the history and current status of your sales and distribution processes at any time.

You can display the document flow as a list with the linked documents. Depending on the document from which you call up the list, all the relevant preceding and subsequent documents are displayed.

From this list, you can display the relevant documents or call up status overviews for the documents.

This provides a quick overview of the progress of your sales processes at any time and can be used to answer customer questions quickly and reliably.

Create a Customer Invoice

Run a CO-PA Report

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