Exploring the Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX) Scenario


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Execute the process steps of the Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX) business scenario


The Direct Procurement with Inbound Delivery (2TX) scope item provides an enhanced procurement process that handles the goods receipt process with inbound deliveries.

In addition, this scenario introduces the usage of Situation Handling framework that allows users to be proactively alerted to critical situations. In this particular use case, we will see how you, as a user, can be alerted about missing inbound deliveries via notification.

Create a Purchase Order That Requires an Inbound Delivery

Monitor Supplier Confirmations

Create Inbound Deliveries


If you want to create an inbound delivery step by step with reference to a purchase order item and adjust the quantity or delivery date, you can use the Create Inbound Delivery app.

On the other hand, there is also a job that you can schedule to automatically create inbound deliveries for purchase orders that are due. This is useful if you don't actually receive shipping notifications from your supplier, but want to work with inbound deliveries for technical or internal reasons. Use the Schedule Inbound Delivery Creation app to schedule the job.

Confirm Quantities for Putaway

Post Goods Receipt

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