Posting Goods Issues Based on the Core Inventory Management (BMC) Scenario


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Post goods issues

Goods Issues Without Reference

Posting an Unplanned Goods Issue with the Post Goods Movement App

There are various reasons for an unplanned goods issue, for example:

  • Withdrawal of material for a cost center or a project

  • Sample taking quality inspection

  • Scrapping material

  • Unexpected material provision for production

With the Post Goods Movement app, you can post all kinds of unplanned goods issues. Using this app also enables you to withdraw several materials in a single transaction.

Posting a Scrapping with the Manage Stock App

If you want to specifically scrap a quantity of a particular material, you can use the Manage Stocks app, which is easy to use.

Goods Issues with Reference

The most common types of planned goods issues are goods issues related to a delivery and a production or process order.

Posting a goods issue to a delivery is covered in the Stock Transfer unit, for example in the Exploring the Stock Transfer with Delivery (BME) scenario lesson. It is also covered in the Sales LOB training courses.

Withdrawal of components for production is covered in detail in the Manufacturing LOB courses.

In this unit, we focus on planned goods issues that are posted manually using the Post Goods Movement app with reference to a reservation.

Posting a Planned Goods Issue with the Post Goods Movement App

Additional Information on Goods Issues for Production

Stock Transfers

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