Posting Goods Receipts for Production Orders


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Goods Receipts

Current Process Step

Let's continue with the next step in the production process of our new bike: Posting the goods receipt after all production steps have been executed. The Bike Company has completely processed a production order for 10 bikes of their new model. Now, the final step in the production process is to transport these bikes to the designated storage area in your warehouse and officially record their arrival at the warehouse through a goods receipt.

Posting the goods receipt is the last step in the lifecycle of a production order. When you post the goods receipt, the on-stock quantity is increased. Once all manufactured items were delivered to the warehouse, the production order is not relevant to production any more.

Options for Goods Receipts

The next image illustrates the options for goods receipt postings:

As shown in the figure, you have the following options to post a goods receipt:

From a business perspective, manual goods receipt posting is usually executed by the production operator as a last step of the production process or by the warehouse clerk after the manufactured goods were received in the goods receipt area of the warehouse. You use automatic goods receipt if, for example, storage systems automatically transfer the manufactured goods from the shop floor to the warehouse.

As you can also see in the figure, the goods receipt is posted at a storage location, 101A, in our example. This storage location is maintained in the order header and proposed by the system when you post the goods receipt. In case of automated goods receipt, the system posts the goods receipt at this storage location.

Irrespective of whether you use automated or manual goods receipt, you can post multiple goods receipts (partial receipts) or the goods receipt of the entire manufactured quantity. When you manually post the goods receipt, the system proposes the yield quantity of the order or the last operation as receipt quantity (in case of a single goods receipt posting). In the case of multiple goods receipt postings, the proposed quantity is reduced by the quantity that was already received in stock.

Effects of Goods Receipt Posting

After the goods receipt has been posted, several processes are triggered.

Watch the following video to learn more.

Manual Goods Receipt Posting

In the next demonstration, you will learn how to post a goods receipt for a production order. After that, you will learn how to analyze the effects of the goods receipt posting on the production order and on the stock and requirements list.


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