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Additional SAP Fiori Features

Paige Discusses the Cross-Content Search in SAP S/4HANA

See what Paige has to say about the cross-content search option in SAP S/4HANA:

Working with Object Pages

A screenshot is shown of an object page for a purchase order.

Users can navigate from the search results to related object pages to view more details. Object pages are provided for various objects, such as master data records or business documents. There are object pages for suppliers, purchase requisitions, purchase orders, purchasing contracts, invoices, and purchasing info records.

Besides showing all the details for the respective business object, it is also possible to navigate from one object page (such as a supplier) to another object page (such as a purchase order), or to other transactional SAP Fiori apps (such as the app Manage Purchase Orders). The feature provides users with the possibility to find information related to a specific business question more easily.

In SAP ERP, this global generic search functionality across business documents and master data records does not exist. In SAP ERP, users can start individual master data maintenance transactions (like MM01 - Create Material), but they do not have the chance to immediately see the relevant business documents for such an object and jump directly to these documents. This is the functionality that the object pages in SAP S/4HANA provide.

Object pages can also be shared via a link and sent to other users to discuss certain business issues.

The SAP Fiori App: My Inbox

A screenshot is shown of the My Inbox app containing a purchase order to be approved.

SAP S/4HANA offers approval workflow apps for various procurement objects. A complete view across all workflow items is offered with a generic workflow inbox that also provides document details: the My Inbox app. The workflow apps make use of (preconfigured) release strategies and business workflow definitions.

The My Inbox app in SAP S/4HANA has the following features:

  • The app can be used for workflow approvals for purchase requisitions, contracts, purchase orders, and invoices.

  • By using the app, approvers have a complete view across all workflow items and can filter the list.

  • Users can be supported via mobile access to the workflow items that require approval.

  • Users have access to all document details, such as attachments, notes, and approval details.

When working with the app, users will see all relevant details of a workflow item on the right side of the screen, while seeing a list of workflow items on the left side of their screen. Users can view attachments, notes, and approval details and can take actions directly in the same screen.

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