Tracking Sales Orders


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SAP Fiori App: Track Sales Orders


Characteristics of the app Track Sales Orders are discussed.

Internal sales representatives can monitor the fulfillment status of sales orders across the entire process chain of the order-to-cash process using the SAP Fiori app Track Sales Orders. This app enables them to respond to questions from customers and internal partners about the status of certain sales orders.

The figure lists the high level scope, the main benefits and business value of using the app.

Tracking Sales Orders

With the SAP Fiori app Track Sales Orders, it is possible to check the fulfillment status of a sales order. It is possible to recognize immediately whether the fulfillment of a certain sales order has issues, whether the order has been completed, or whether it is still in process.

The following demonstration will show you what the SAP Fiori app Track Sales Orders looks like:

If a customer calls, asking for information regarding their order, this SAP Fiori app can be used to provide this information quickly. Another example is a colleague or superior asking for information on all orders from a specific customer. This SAP Fiori app can also be used to answer such a request.

Search criteria need to be entered to find the relevant sales document. Examples of these are the sales document type (sales order, debit memo request, and so on), sold-to party, requested delivery date, document date or the customer reference number.

The list shows the entire order-to-cash process. Also included is the sales document data and the fulfillment status for the different steps in the process. Steps such as order processing, delivery processing, invoicing and integration with accounting are shown. If any issues exist, they are then also displayed in this list.

From within the app, it is possible to navigate to theĀ Track Sales Order Details app to visualize the sales order fulfillment status of a specific sales order and its subsequent documents. These can then be checked in more detail.

The following actions are available from within the resulting list of the Track Sales Orders app:

  • Create Sales Order

  • Reject All Items

  • Set Delivery Block

  • Remove Delivery Block

  • Set Billing Block

  • Remove Billing Block

A sales order can lead to more than one outbound delivery. For example: one (partial) delivery is completed, and another (partial) delivery with a different confirmed date is still in process or has perhaps not yet begun to be processed. The overall status displayed in the list in such a case is Partially Processed.

The following processing phases and relevant statuses and information are available in the Track Sales Orders app:

  • Order Processing: The overall sales order status combined with possible issues
  • Supply Processing: The overall supply status regarding purchasing or manufacturing, combined with possible issues
  • Delivery Processing: The overall shipping status combined with possible issues
  • Invoicing: The overall invoicing (i.e. billing) status combined with possible issues
  • In Transit: The overall proof of delivery status without any issues
  • Accounting: The overall clearing status without any issues

If no status is shown for a specific process phase, this may be due to missing authorizations.

In order to avoid any performance issues, SAP recommends business users to filter on sales order data such as sales order ID, customer reference, sold-to party, and/or requested delivery date or document date when generating the list of orders in the Track Sales Orders app.

Track Sales Orders

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