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SAP Business AI Overview Introduction to SAP Business AI

Introduction to SAP Business AI

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Integrating business data in SAP software with the world's leading AI models in an ethical, privacy-preserving, and secure manner will lift generative AI to a new level. In 2023, SAP announced the first use cases based on generative AI built into SAP applications, and delivered all promised cases by end of 2023. This also includes our generative AI copilot, Joule. In addition, the roadmap of cases is filled across the portfolio, and new cases are being released almost every week.

At the beginning of 2024, SAP established a central SAP Business AI organization that reports directly to the CEO. This team is dedicated to enhancing the value of applications. To accomplish that, we have brought together all areas that contribute to running these efforts end-to-end, including engineering, product and partner management, user experience, consulting, marketing, GTM, and more.

Case Studies

Case Study: Chobani

Chobani is a U.S.-based food company specializing in strained yogurt. Their organization used to spend thousands of hours to submit, review, and approve expense reports. Now, AI embedded in SAP Concur helps their users take a snapshot of a receipt and create an expense entry from it, automatically audit and approve expense reports, and help Chobani’s finance department create one view of the spend across their business. Altogether, Chobani has cut the time spent on expenses by 75%.

SAP Business AI at Chobani

Case Study: City of Hamburg

In Germany, the City of Hamburg’s wanted to compensate the cultural industry for the negative impact of restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic with an aid package. Hundreds of applications arrived and it would have taken months to read them all. The authorities introduced an AI-based and highly automated process to evaluate aid applications. These services can check if uploaded data, such as proof of event cost and revenue or identity, matches information on the aid application. Since the pandemic, the scope has been expanded and City of Hamburg is responsible to processing these requests now for the whole of Germany. More than 2.7 million documents have been processed and it has taken less than 3 weeks from idea to implementation. (Used SAP AI Services on SAP BTP, such as Document Information Extraction and Business Entity Recognition)

City of Hamburg: Leveraging BTP to build a Cultural Covid-19 Aid-Platform

Case Study: ZF Friedrichshafen Aftermarket

They are a multinational automotive supplier that develops chassis and drive trains for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and industrial technology. Correct planning and forecasting is a critical part of their business. Using AI they drastically improved forecast accuracy, using 9 times more planning combinations and running 92% faster. (Used SAP Integrated Business Planning applications for Supply Chain as well as SAP Supply Chain Control Tower)

ZF Friedrichshafen: Driving the future of mobility with accurate demand planning

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