Exploring the Potential of SAP Business AI


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Experience SAP Business AI

Joule, the AI Copilot

Meet Joule, the AI copilot that truly understands your business

Joule is our AI copilot that truly understands your business and will revolutionize how you interact with your SAP business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler.

Using natural language prompts, Joule provides:

  • Seamless navigation to different applications to help you quickly complete tasks
  • Concise summaries of help content and multiple repositories to effectively address your question in natural language
  • Valuable insights about business objects, saving you time and surfacing insight more quickly

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Category Management

Interact with your business with Joule, allowing quick access to apps across your Cloud ERP, efficient access to insights on business objects, and fast resolution of issues through intelligent search of SAP Help.

Category management is a systematic approach to analyze spend categories, and in today’s competitive environment, plays a pivotal role in driving profitability and building value throughout the entire supply chain. The process plays a key role in driving down costs, increasing process efficiency, and mitigating risk.

However, it’s often a tedious and time-consuming process. Data collection and category research is done manually, strong market knowledge is needed, and stakeholder engagement is required.

Fortunately, there’s a better, faster way with Generative AI in SAP Ariba Category Management. We accelerate the category strategy development process across several hundred categories for category segmentation, market dynamics, and cost structures. We provide an intuitive, guided, step by step process, and we deliver the insights that are needed to understand market dynamics using Porters 5 forces. It normally takes12 weeks to manually create a strategy for a new purchasing category, but with SAP Ariba Category Management, research on category specific information is available with a single click. We released Generative AI functionality with SAP Ariba Category Management in Q1 2024, and our fully integrated copilot Joule will be available later this year in Q3. Joule leverages information from the category initiative and uses historic sourcing data, including commodity code, sourcing event type and baseline spend to create the RFP. It also uses Generative AI to recommend suppliers who meet your business criteria, like low carbon footprint and cost-saving considerations, while also including suppliers who you have successfully worked with in the past. What was once days and weeks’ worth of work, can now be completed in just a few minutes.

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SAP CX AI Toolkit

Anticipate, automate and personalize every customer interaction with the CX AI Toolkit. Summarize cases, create email drafts, analyze leads, get account insights, draft support case replies, create product descriptions, generate social media posts, enrich product tags.

Having a responsive, consistent and knowledgeable customer service team is a real competitive advantage. So balancing quality of customer service, costs and the size of the customer service team is critical for most organizations. Customer service representatives are tasked to doing more faster – this seemed almost an impossible conundrum until new AI functionality came along. Imagine you are a customer service representative, how could AI help?

  • Using machine learning, many queries from customers, suppliers or partners can receive automated responses. For example, Gartner estimated in 2023, up to 30% of customer service interactions are handled by AI, compared to just 2% in 2017. So already you have 30% less cases to work on.
  • When a case does need to be manually looked at, you'll experience a whole new level of productivity. Imagine having a 360 summary of the customer and having proactive, recommended answers to their questions readily available. No more digging through mountains of data or struggling to find the right information thank to CX AI Toolkit for Service.
  • Simple queries can be accomplished faster – for example creating personalized, relevant, and contextualized product descriptions and images has never been easier. (Thanks to SAP CX AI Toolkit for Commerce).
  • Additionally, complex tasks can be tackled faster thanks to natural language querying though Joule –bringing together unified data, combining business and conversational data across the SAP platform, creating a seamless experience. When it comes to writing up follow-up emails, documentation or letters, system generated texts are literally just a click away – and can be adjusted for style, tone and length with another click – up to 90% of time can be saved here.

The benefits of the AI toolkit are remarkable. They're proactive, predicting user intent and potential actions, providing insightful recommendations. With SAP CX AI Toolkit, we can unlock a world of possibilities and achieve unparalleled customer service. Since the end of 2023, customers using our Customer Experience portfolio can use Generative AI in SAP CX AI Toolkit.

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Just Ask in SAP Analytics Cloud

Receive actionable insights instantly using natural language. Get actionable insights faster, retrieve relevant information from reliable sources, leverage seamless integration of external data, enable multilingual environments.

But how do you get access to that refined, actionable information? Remember that last meeting where some information had to be found, but was not available so you had to wait until the next week until someone could "write a report" or "locate the right data source"? Imagine a world where getting this information doesn't require hours of searching for the right insights or relying on deep tech knowledge. In this world, you can make quick decisions with the right data and insights quickly at hand. With the introduction of the "just ask" feature of SAP Analytics Cloud, you can effortlessly access the right data and empower fact-based decisions through natural language queries. No more struggling with complicated tools or feeling overwhelmed by data overload.

Just imagine the time and effort you'll save when you can simply ask a question in plain language and get the insights you need in an instant. No more searching through countless dashboards or relying on data analysts for help. You have the power to gain insights effortlessly with natural language-driven access to trusted data. And the benefits don't stop there. You can trust that your data is secure because our proprietary Large Language Models (LLMs) safeguard data policies during information retrieval. Plus, you'll have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate external data via SAP Datasphere, enabling multilingual environments and multi-cloud workflows. This means you can access the information you need, regardless of where it's stored or what language it's in.

But what does all of this mean for your business? Well, studies have shown that implementing SAP Analytics Cloud can lead to up to a 25% improvement in information retrieval. That means you can make faster decisions based on accurate, trusted data. And let's not forget about your knowledge workers. By providing them with self-service access to timely analytics, you can improve their productivity by up to 5%. Instead of spending hours searching for data, they can focus on more strategic tasks that move your business forward.

So, imagine a world where your team has the power to make quick decisions with the right data and insights at their fingertips. With SAP Analytics Cloud, that world is within your reach. It's time to say goodbye to cognitive overload, missing skills.

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SAP Build Code with Joule copilot

Accelerate application development and automation. Generate code and app logic, create data models, improve development capacity, produce rapid unit tests.

Code development and maintenance is essential to keep your organization innovative, fix bugs and improve performance. But even with experienced developers, maintaining code can be time-consuming and costly, especially in todays marketplace where there is huge competition for excellent talent. But imagine a world where all of these challenges disappear. With SAP Build Code, code generation becomes a much easier and is backed by years of SAP experience and expertise.

Integrated into SAP Business Application Studio and Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model, developers can generate data models, services, and samples with a few simple inputs. Gone are the days of manual coding and research. Not only that, but CAP application logic and unit tests can be automated from natural language. With the help of pre-trained code generation models, developers can save hours of work and achieve higher productivity. By utilizing the developer's specific project details, we can further improve their experience and streamline the development process. It's all about making your job easier and more efficient.

And the benefits? They're immense. With this revolutionary solution, development tasks become more efficient, leading to higher productivity and faster application development and maintenance. Migrating to newer ERP versions becomes faster with less effort, and your team has the capacity to focus on innovations rather than tedious coding tasks. Imagine the satisfaction of your employees as they can dedicate more time to valuable activities that actually add value to the business. With up to 30% faster application development and up to 30% improvement in application development cost, this is a game-changer for your enterprise. Say goodbye to the days of spending endless hours on code development and maintenance. Say hello to a more efficient and productive future with SAP Build Code.

Starting from the end of March 2024, developers using SAP Build Code can use SAP’s copilot, Joule, in a turn-key environment for coding, testing, integrating, and managing Java and JavaScipt application life cycles.

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Document Information Extraction, Premium Edition

Accelerate, automate and scale business document processing. Process any document layout, work with any language, match information to records, increase productivity and reduce errors.

Invoices come in all shapes and sizes with inconsistent layouts and structures. Company registration ID’s might be at the top of the page or the bottom and be in the same format as bank sort code. As a result, many payable clerks can spend hours a day processing invoices. Meticulously examining and trying to understand the context and extract the necessary information is time-consuming but also prone to errors due to misunderstandings. But now, imagine a solution that can automatically extract context specific data and even enriched with additional details like customer IDs or tax codes. This not only speeds up the entire process but also significantly reduces the chances of errors. And it is not just finance that would benefit. Sales teams can effortlessly handle incoming customer orders, while legal departments can efficiently manage large volumes of critical documents. Even in shared service centers, responding to email requests becomes much faster. All this means organization can now focus on more value adding tasks and less on administration. With the power of document information extraction, organizations can streamline operations, save countless hours, and significantly reduce the chances of errors.

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SAP Enterprise Service MGMT

Reinvent customer service. Automate outbound communication and dispute resolution, reduce processing time and cost of shared services, increase productivity of shared services resources.

In the past, business communication could be slow and inefficient – replying to queries often took days, leading to delays and customer dissatisfaction. SAP Enterprise Service Management offers a solution by analyzing and summarizing correspondence, prioritizing urgent issues, and generating automated replies. It will analyze text and correspondence to determine their sentiment, entities, and category, allowing us to prioritize and summarize them effectively – all using the power of AI. It improves response time, accuracy, and operational efficiency while reducing costs. Though initially focused on collection management, it's adaptable to other high-volume communication needs. Implementation results in significant reductions in overdue items and days sales outstanding, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and streamlining processes. By implementing Enterprise Service Management, you can achieve tangible results. Imagine saving up to 70% of the cost for across various service scenarios or processing service requests 30% faster, like one of our global customers in the automotive industry has achieved for their Accounts payable shared-services teams.

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Disclaimer: The Enterprise Service Management solution will be live with a beta release in Q3 2024 and is indented to be an illustration to get first insights with the tool.

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