Getting Familiar with AI Foundation


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  • Provide insights into AI Foundation and the SAP ecosystem

AI Foundation

Introduced at SAP TechEd in 2023, AI Foundation is a one-stop-shop for developers to bootstrap their own Business AI solutions by creating AI-powered extensions and applications (including generative AI) on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and beyond.

SAP Foundation Models (coming soon): SAP with the leading general-purpose AI vendors and LLMs providers to help ensure that SAP customers keep up with the fast pace of innovation and have ­the­ flexibility­ they need. To get the most value in traditional business areas such as finance, sales, or supply chain, our­ customers require foundation models designed for business context. SAP will fine-tune generic large language models on SAP anonymized data as well as create proprietary foundation models based on our vast structured business data. These models will be able to address questions we face every day in business that large language models cannot, such as predicting invoice payment dates and supplier delivery quality or proposing efficiency improvements to a business process.

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