Getting familiar with the AI Ecosystem Partnerships and Investments


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  • Outline the collaboration framework with the partner ecosystem.

AI Ecosystem and Partnership Investments

SAP had partnered with many of the leading technology providers in the AI space.

SAP offers a range of options for embarking on their AI journey. We collaborate with a wide ecosystem of partners, including leading general-purpose AI vendors to provide tailored solutions. Through the SAP Store, customers have access to 380 partner apps and a variety of tools and LLMs, allowing them to choose the solution that best fits their requirements. Our approach involves offering all-in-one contracts, with services that are white-labeled and contracted through SAP, rather than opting for a "bring your own license" model.

We are actively expanding our network of partners and investments. In line with this, SAP is working in collaboration with companies to develop and deliver SAP Business AI. This includes integrating scalable, business-specific generative AI capabilities into the Joule copilot from SAP, as well as across our portfolio of cloud solutions and applications. These efforts are supported by the SAP generative AI hub, which ensures the delivery of relevant, reliable, and responsible business AI while providing instant access to a wide range of LLMs.

The following is the latest available press release, for example, NVIDIA.

As part of our ongoing initiative to embed generative AI directly into our applications, we are partnering among other things with companies like NVIDIA. This partnership aims to help customers adopt generative AI capabilities at scale throughout their organizations. Utilizing NVIDIA's generative AI foundry service, we will fine-tune LLMs for domain-specific scenarios and deploy applications with new NVIDIA NIM (NVIDIA Inference Microservices). We anticipate making these integrated capabilities available by the end of 2024.

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