Getting to Know Joule, SAP's Next-Gen AI Copilot


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Get to know Joule – SAP’s generative AI Copilot

Joule revolutionizes how you interact with SAP business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler. View the marketing trailer below before learning more about how SAP is building this tool into the entire cloud portfolio.

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Getting to Know Joule

We’re embedding Joule across our cloud-enterprise portfolio. It works by quickly sorting through and contextualizing data from multiple systems to surface smarter insights. Employees will simply need to ask Joule questions or frame a problem, in plain language. In response, Joule will deliver intelligent answers drawn from the wealth of business data from across the SAP portfolio, and third-party sources, retaining context.

Joule revolutionizes how you interact with SAP business systems, making every touchpoint count and every task simpler.

Faster Work: Streamline tasks with an AI assistant that knows your unique role and acts as your work copilot across SAP applications.

Smarter Insights: Get quick answers and smart insights on-demand, facilitating faster decision-making without bottlenecks.

Better Outcomes: Just ask and get excellent content for job descriptions, coding assistance, and more...

Full Control: Maintain full control over decision-making and your data privacy while accessing generative AI in a safe environment.

Including Joule Across the Portfolio

Joule will be included in SAP applications out of the box. Here are examples of available Joule use-cases:

Joule has been integrated in solutions including recruiting, sales management, dispute management, code generation, and travel and expenses beginning in 2023 with more integrations planned.
Use Case: HMX Recruiting

Give employees and managers an AI assistant that enhances their experience while reducing manual HR efforts. Just ask and get excellent content for job descriptions, coding assistance, and more.

The future of an organization relies on the ability to identify and attract the best talent, both internally and externally. Imagine you are a hiring manager, and you are responsible to recruit for a role. Crafting a compelling job description is already hard in itself, but are you compliant with the rest of the organization, is the description free from bias, does it use the right branding?

Imagine you had an assistant that helps drafting a well-structured and bias-free job description. Gone are the days of spending precious time laboring over each word - now we can create compelling descriptions quickly, without compromising on quality or relevance. That assistant is built in to SAP SuccessFactors.

That's not all. SAP SuccessFactors also offers us tailored interview questions based on the job description and the candidate's resume. This means that you can ask the right questions to delve deeper into each candidate's suitability for the role.

Just think about the benefits this brings to our organization. Not only will we save a significant amount of time and cost in creating job descriptions, but we will also see a marked improvement in the quality of our interviews and preparation. This, in turn, increases our attractiveness as an employer of choice, as potential applicants can sense the professionalism and attention to detail that we bring to the hiring process.

This capability has been available with SAP SuccessFactors since Q4 2023.
Use Case: SAP Build Code with code generation add-on

Use code generation with Joule to super-charge application development:

Code development and maintenance is essential to keep your organization innovative, fix bugs, and improve performance. However, even with experienced developers, maintaining code can be time-consuming and costly, especially in today's marketplace, where there is huge competition for excellent talent. Now, imagine a world where all of these challenges disappear. With SAP Build Code, code generation becomes a much easier and is backed by years of SAP experience and expertise.

Integrated into SAP Business Application Studio and Cloud Application Programming (CAP) Model, developers can generate data models, services, and samples with a few simple inputs. Gone are the days of manual coding and research.

Not only that, but CAP application logic and unit tests can be automated from natural language. With the help of pre-trained code generation models, developers can save hours of work and achieve higher productivity. By utilizing the developer's specific project details, we can further improve their experience and streamline the development process. It's all about making your job easier and more efficient.

What are the benefits? They're immense. With this revolutionary solution, development tasks become more efficient, leading to higher productivity and faster application development and maintenance. Migrating to newer ERP versions becomes faster with less effort, and your team has the capacity to focus on innovations rather than tedious coding tasks. Imagine the satisfaction of your employees as they can dedicate more time to valuable activities that actually add value to the business.

With up to 30% faster application development and up to 30% improvement in application development cost, this is a game-changer for your enterprise. Say goodbye to the days of spending endless hours on code development and maintenance. Say hello to a more efficient and productive future with SAP Build Code.

Starting from the end of March 2024, developers using SAP Build Code can use SAP’s copilot, Joule, in a turn-key environment for coding, testing, integrating, and managing Java and JavaScipt application lifecycles.

Joule Roadmap

SAP’s strategy is to make Joule available across all its major applications, from HR to IT, finance, supply chain, procurement, and so on. Joule delivers proactive and contextualized insights from across the breadth and depth of SAP solutions and third-party sources.

With Joule directly built into SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition represents a significant milestone. Users can now articulate their business needs in natural language, and Joule responds by swiftly providing seamless access to user enablement content. Whether it's offering insights on specific business objects or guiding users to relevant applications, Joule streamlines the process, saving considerable time and enhancing productivity.

By leveraging Joule's capabilities, users experience natural conversations with the systems, eliminating the need for context switches. This integration fosters smoother navigation between SAP applications and ensures swift access to critical business objects. Moving forward, this seamless integration will be applicable for all future AI use cases, ensuring continued efficiency and effectiveness in user interactions with all our SAP solutions.

You'll find the roadmap outlining Joule's integration into each business function.

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