Validating employee payroll data replication


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Monitor results of data replication to verify success or resolve replication errors

Data replication results

Payroll data replication

Data which is entered into Employee Central is replicated to the payroll system. New hire data must be replicated to the payroll system before additional payroll data, such as tax and garnishments, can be entered.


For a new hire, it is recommended that you enable the following in admin center:

  • Country-specific validations for postal address of the home address of an employee
  • National ID
  • Bank account

You cannot change the data that is part of the replication in the SAP ERP system. The relevant data is mentioned in this section. If data is changed, it will be overwritten during the next replication run.

The replication status for each employee can be monitored via Data Replication Monitor.

You can find the Data Replication Monitor in the Admin Alerts tile under Payroll Integration.

Data replication monitor scenario

Data Replication Monitor


Tip: There is more information about replication of master data in the Employee Central Payroll implementation handbook.

Display options

There is a wide range of options that you can choose from to display exactly the information that you need in the Data Replication Monitor.

  • Choose the employee’s name to see the respective employee file.
  • Trigger replication manually by selecting 1 or more employees and choosing Reprocess.
  • Delete entries that you no longer need for monitoring, for example, because they were created during a test phase.

Standard and extended views


If you have Admin Alerts 2.0 enabled, you will automatically see data replication alerts there. Additionally, eligible administrators can assign time-data replication errors to themselves or other administrators.

View replication results and resolve issues

Training system performance


We recommend that you delete your internet cache occasionally. This will improve the training system performance.

Emily Clark is an administrator for Employee Central Payroll. To view replication results and to resolve issues, she navigates to the Data Replication Monitor. Emily wants to look for rejected employees, which are listed as objects.

By clicking the related message for an employee, a popup window appears, providing more details about the type of error. For Mark Brown ##, where ## is your group number, the Account number is missing in payment info.

Emily enters the missing data and verifies the result.

Viewing replication results

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