Building Selection Objects


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Maintain selection objects

Selection Objects

A selection object groups a range of consolidation master data, usually FS items, by using various filter criteria. The defined selections can then be reused in consolidation-related settings, such as validation rules, reclassification methods, currency translation methods, and breakdown categories.

Selection Object - Key Points

  • Selection objects are used to:
    • Select the opening balance for non-historical balance sheet items.

    • Select elimination items for all trading partners (partner unit).

  • Selection objects are delivered and you can create your own.

  • One selection object can be used in multiple methods. This lowers the cost of maintenance.

  • Attributes can be used in selection objects.

In the following example, you can see how FS items assignments to methods are decoupled by using attributes and selection objects:

  1. Attributes are assigned to FS Items.
  2. Attributes are assigned to selection objects.
  3. Selection objects are assigned to methods.

    As a result, you can switch FS items used in a method by changing the selection object. In this way, you avoid having to change and transport a change to the method.

Creating Selection Objects

Business Scenario

At ABC Corporation, you need to create a selection object for the reclassification method.

What skills will you develop in this practice exercise?

  • Create a new selection object
  • Assign FS items

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