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You are configuring balance carryforward for your project. Which of the following describes balance carryforward (BCF)?
There are three correct answers.
You posted a group journal to an extension version in December of 2022. When you run carry forward, you want the adjusting entries to be separated somehow. You can carry forward adjusting entries to subitems other than opening balance.
Choose the correct answer.
You are in the process of determining how to import file data for your non-SAP companies. Which of the following describes the flexible upload for reported financial data?
There are three correct answers.
Until recently, repeated reclassification runs generated unwanted records. If the No Delta Documents setting isn’t selected, more documents are created when reclassification is run repeatedly.
Choose the correct answer.
You are determining your task group to be used in your data monitor The last task in a task group must be validation.
Choose the correct answer.
You are creating an extension version so that you can book restatement group journals. In a group journal, you can post to the extension version without posting to the referenced version.
Choose the correct answer.
You are trying to decide at which process points to run validation. Which of the following describes data validation?
There are three correct answers.

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