Configuring Workflow for Group Journals


After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Configure workflow for group journals

Workflow Team

At ABC Corporation, a journal entry requires approval if the amount is over 10,000. You need to implement the group journal workflow by creating a team and then a workflow definition.

You can use the Manage Teams and Responsibilities app to create a team. With this app you can manage teams, responsibility definitions, and team member functions in Responsibility Management. You can use responsibility definitions and member functions to determine members that are responsible for workflows.

Team Type

When you create the team for the group journal workflow, select Type = Group Journal Entry Approval (PGJE_TT).

Responsibility Definition

Maintain responsibility definitions (team attributes) in team categories. A responsibility definition is a name-value pair that can be used to query teams maintained in Responsibility Management. For example, if Consolidation Unit = DE00, then this team only applies to journals created for DE00.

Team Owners and Members

A team owner is responsible for the team header, responsibility definitions, team members, and their associated functions and should be consulted if changes are required to a team.

In a team, a team member is a business partner associated with an SAP user (a business user).

The Team Members are assigned the function: Group Journal Entry Approver.

The team owners and members must have a master record in Human Resources (transaction code PA20). Users with a record in Human Resources appear as Business Partners.

Create a Workflow Team

Business Scenario

At ABC Corporation, you need to set up an approval process for Canada. You need to set workflow. The first step is to create a team.

What skills will you develop in this practice exercise?

  • Create a new team for group journal approvals.
  • Add members to the team.

Workflow Definition

Now that you have a team in place, you need to create a new workflow for group journal approvals.

You can use the Manage Workflows for Group Journal Entries app to create a workflow for group journal entries which were posted manually.

When you create the workflow, you define the workflow Start Condition. For example, Standard Version = U00. When a manual group journal is created for version U00, the workflow will be required if the step conditions are met.

Workflow Step

A workflow consists of one or more steps. The steps are carried out in the defined order.

You can assign the workflow by Role (Group Journal Entry Approver) or by Team (Team Journal Workflow). The steps can be completed by One of the recipients or by All of the recipients.

Step Conditions

Each step has a condition. For example, Amount in LC >= 10000. If there’s no set of preconditions where the conditions are met, the system skips the step.


Optionally, you can define deadlines. Deadlines are used to prioritize the approval step based on conditions.

Example: You define a deadline so that the approval item is overdue if it is pending with an approver for three days.

Exception Handling

You can configure exception handling. Here, you specify how the workflow proceeds in case of rejection and rework decision actions by selecting a Required Action. If you select the Create informational workflow item decision action, the initiator of the workflow sees the workflow item processed by the approver in their My Inbox app without decision actions.

Configure Workflow for Group Journals

Business Scenario

Now that you have created a team, you need to create a new workflow.

What skills will you develop in this practice exercise?

  • Create a new workflow.
  • Configure a workflow step.
  • Configure the workflow with follow-up activities.

Use Workflow for Group Journals

Now that you understand how you can create group journal entries, let's get into the workflow feature.

Workflow Scenario:

At ABC Corporation, your colleagues can create journal entries in group reporting if the value is less than 10,000. When the journal entry amount is above 500, your team leader must approve the journal. When they approve the journal entry, it is posted automatically.

Let's take a look at the system options when you use workflow.

When you create a new journal entry, there is an option on the upper right to create a worklow item. If the amount is above the tolerance of 500, you cannot create the journal, you can only create a workflow.

You can set the tolerance amount in the workflow definition.

When you create a worklow item, the approver is notified.

  • When you choose Approve, the workflow item is approved and the original document draft is written to the database.
  • When you choose Rework, the document draft is unlocked for changes. The initiator can edit the draft version and enhance it with the requested changes. The approver can also provide a note with a short description.
  • When you choose Reject, the workflow item is rejected and the document draft is deleted.

If you open the workflow item in your To Do screen, your inbox screen opens. From your inbox, you can access the Worklow Log which displays the actions taken.

To learn more about the workflow feature, choose:

Manage Workflows for Group Journal

Use Workflow for Group Journals

Business Scenario

Now that you have created a team and workflow, you need to use the workflow to approve a group journal entry.

What skills will you develop in this practice exercise?

  • Create a new group journal.
  • Create a new workflow item.
  • Approve the workflow item as another user.
  • Confirm that the new journal entry was created.

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