Running Flexible Imports


After completing this lesson, you will be able to Import file data.

Import File Data

You can import data with the Data Monitor or the Flexible Upload of Reported Financial Data app.

The source file, file formation ASC, detailed log is selected, test run is selected

In the Flexible Upload of Reported Financial Data app, you can upload reported financial data for one or several periods in one step.

Prerequisites to upload reported financial data:

  • Open all periods that are included in the upload file

  • Unblock the Data Collection task for all periods and the respective consolidation unit

  • Predefine the upload method in the Consolidation Unit Details in the Define Consolidation Units app.

  • Prepare the file that you want to upload according to the requirements of flexible upload:
    • Use the field separator specified in the upload method (for example, semicolon or tab).

    • Specify the parameters in rows starting with a P.

    • Specify the column structure in a row starting with a D using the supported field names.

    • Add the data rows starting with a 2.

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